Process ManagementWhen you need to take bold steps to alter your strategic, operational and financial trajectory

What We Do

Private and Public businesses operate in an increasingly dynamic environment in which the satisfaction of stakeholders’ needs and expectations depends – in addition to a clear vision of the future – from the proper alignment between strategy, processes, technology and organizational behavior. In short, much depends by a good organization.
Organizational Design
TopAcme supports its customers in the adaptation process of the organizational structure to their strategic objectives. Starting from an analysis of the organizational efficiency and the identification of critical points, new configuration, both at the macro level (definition of production units, roles, individual skills) and at the micro level (tasks redesign, processes updating) are drawn and proposed. In this context TopAcme never neglects to analyze all the, often complex, interconnections between functions, processes and responsibilities, as well as between the organizations themselves and their external environment, also regarding the dynamics of the market in which the company operates, the legal framework and the expected scenarios.

If you are looking for more operational flexibility with innovative business process outsourcing solutions, we are here to help.

What We Offer

Lean Six Sigma Consultancy services are designed to reduce product, service and process variation within your organisation and achieve verifiable business cost savings across all sectors. Utilising the DMAIC project-based process improvement approach, Lean Six Sigma delivers value for customers whilst reducing waste.

TopAcme Master Black Belt Lean Six Sigma Consultants are experienced in designing, developing, implementing and supporting the ongoing deployment of successful Lean, Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma improvement and transformation programmes across public, private and not for profit organisations.

We transform organizations by creating a new way of working—setting up systems to drive continuous improvement and engaging employees to meet customer needs more effectively.

TopAcme believes that lean is much more than a “toolkit” or a methodology for removing waste. We completely transform how companies operate, focusing in particular on creating a culture of continuous improvement and a new leadership approach. We instill new routines and behaviors to unleash leadership capacity.

TopAcme Consulting helps organizations ensure successful IT projects by offering value assessments and roadmap assistance. We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to review your IT environments, provide best practice methodologies, and deliver our recommended and alternative step-by-step approaches to achieve your end goals. Over a 4-week span, our automation experts will provide insight as to where you can maximize the value from your business applications. We’ll outline best practices around technology development, integrations, migrations, and retention management, as well as advise on how you can reposition resources to increase overall process efficiency.

Business Process Automation is an ideal solution for any process across your organization that:

  • Needs to be repeated consistently
  • Requires an exacting degree of quality
  • Consumes an inordinate amount of resources and time to accomplish

Business is evolving faster than ever before in today’s dynamic 21st-century, and TopAcme brings nearly a decade of business process outsourcing experience to help companies reach their business goals and take their organizations to the next level.

In today’s digitally disrupted market, where traditional revenue sources are becoming more elusive, sustainable growth requires a new operating model that is anchored around the customer and driven by intelligence to deliver exceptional experiences and outcomes.

TopAcme provides an operating model that connects people, processes, and technology to help businesses be more agile and collaborative to drive successful and sustainable growth.

As a seasoned BPO company, we offer clients helpful solutions to your business and operational outsourcing challenges so that you can focus on what matters most in your business.

The ever-growing market for process mining offers a lot of value not only to the companies that leverage its powerful features, but also to the new players in the game: the process mining consulting companies. Since we at Process& are the process mining consulting leaders, we know what our customers want the most and how to deliver it to them.

The incomplete view of your businesses can lead to costly mistakes and incorrect decisions in terms of what should you transform next in your business.

At TopAcme, we empower you to visualize our processes across your various departments, ensuring full transparency in real time of everything running around your business.

The accelerating pace of technology change and increasingly complexity of business environments can create misperception and miscommunication that pushes a business’s model increasingly away from its goals. The result is customer losses, missed opportunities and running up spending on failed projects.

TopAcme provides a full range of Business Analysis services to support organizations of all sizes, spanning many different industries. Using effective communication, our Business Analysts work as liaisons between a variety of audiences, including business users, IT professionals and other stakeholders, in order to gather, analyze, communicate and validate requirements for changes to business processes, policies and information systems.

How we transform organizations

We design a transformation that makes sense for each organization, based on proven methods for attaining the right balance between fast and deep. Our impact comes from building the capabilities of employees to understand their customers, measure performance, and fix problems that arise. A common challenge of big transformation programs is making sure change sticks over time. We have developed unique solutions to teach the capabilities required to sustain operational excellence: