Project ManagementHave accurate schedules for making informed business decisions

What We Do

TopAcme helps clients manage their projects and programs more effectively so that they are completed on time (Time Control), to the specifications (Quality Control) and within the Budget (Financial Control) and with as few claims as possible.

We bring to our  role the understanding of the various modes of project delivery having participated in design/bid/build project delivery as well as design/build, deign/build/operate and public private partnerships. With this experience, we can identify and recommend the most appropriate project delivery approach for projects. The firm has singly or jointly with other international firms been engaged as Project Management Consultant (PMC) by various clients.

Our most valuable assets are our consultants, methodology, technology and tools. We use these assets to give our clients a competitive advantage in executing their time-sensitive projects. Our consultants are certified through the Project Management Institute and the International Association of Facilitators. They follow our proven methodology to facilitate project teams in creating and maintaining credible plans

Our project management services includes the following:

  • Defining program goals and priorities
  • Defining project’s scope
  • Identifying project delivery method
  • Selecting design standards and criteria
  • Developing project schedule
  • Cost management
  • Developing request for proposals
  • Evaluating proposals
  • Managing consulting services
  • Developing contract documents
  • Managing construction
  • Project reporting

What Benefits Can You Expect?

Gain Immediate Visibility

You will gain insight on day-one on whether the expected finish date of the project is doable.

Promote Buy-In and Commitment

You will have a project plan that is based on team member buy-in and commitment, two essential elements of successful projects.

Assurances on Progress

You will know if the team is making progress each week, positive gains that ensures the expected finish date remains doable.

Early Warning System

You will have an early warning system that alerts you when the team’s progress is slowing to a point that requires corrective actions in order to avoid delays in the future.